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Welcome to the Rosedale Center, one of  Baltimore County’s three esteemed alternative education programs. The Rosedale Center services students from the central, northeast and southeast sections of Baltimore County, providing them with alternative approaches to education through specialized education, small learning environments, and student support services. Here, students meet academic standards set by the Core Curriculum, while being personally enriched and encouraged by our dedicated faculty. Upon completion of the Rosedale program, students return to their comprehensive schools, ready to learn and be successful.

Phoenix Highlights

It takes a SPARC to ignite a Phoenix

A spark can ignite a fire like that of the mythical Phoenix, always rising from the ashes, giving it an opportunity to start fresh. SPARC (School Programs for Acceleration and Recovery of Credit) at Rosedale is the new Blended Learning initiative that allows high school students to earn credits toward graduation. Students work through BCPS courses with an online learning platform and teacher facilitated learning experiences to recover credits they were unable to earn on previous attempts or accelerate their high school graduation by earning additional credits.  We believe SPARC ignites an interest in learning and academic achievement for Rosedale students. For more information contact Cecilia Heddinger, SPARC Coordinator at or Lou Wikes, School Counseling Chair at .

  May 2016  
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Report Card

In accordance with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), each school district is required to prepare and distribute school system and individual school reports.   It also requires the report be made available to school stakeholders. Should you have any questions regarding the Rosedale Center School Report Card, please contact an administrator. Click HERE to see the 2013- 2014 report.