Student Support Services

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The mission of Student Support is to facilitate growth of all students in achieving optimal academic, behavioral, social, and emotional functioning in order to return to their comprehensive schools or graduate and experience success. 
This mission is addressed rough individual counseling, group counseling, crisis prevention and intervention, consultation with students’ families and comprehensive school staff as well as linking families to community resources.

Student Support Services

Behavior Interventionist
Cassandra Herring
Kristen Moretz
Ramona Taylor-Knox

Guidance Counselor
Jennifer Dabirsiaghi
Stephanie Finney
Laurie Okin
Lou Wikes

Dr. Vicky Bodison
Dr. Preston Bodison
Dr. Michael Heller

Social Workers
Missy Sachs-Kohen
Kristen Youngstrom

Student Behavior Specialist
Maryann Ryan

School Nurse
Laura Beck

School Resource Officer
Brian DeHart