About Us

The Rosedale Center provides services to students in grades 9-12 from the central, northeast, and southeast areas of Baltimore County.  Our goal is to provide students with alternative approaches to education through specialized education, small learning environments, and student support services.  Students met academic standards set by the Core Curriculum, while being personally enriched and encouraged by our dedicated faculty.  Upon completion of the Rosedale program, student return to their comprehensive schools, ready to learn and be successful.  


Staff utilizes differentiated instruction with a focus on individual student social-emotional needs.  Staff use their trainings to help students navigate and practice self-regulation/management, self-awareness, responsible decision making, and to build relationships.


In our environment, every student R.I.S.E.S. in order to prepare for re-entry into the home school and, ultimately, to meet the requirements for a diploma and the demands for college and career.  


Students and faculty conduct themselves with Respect and Integrity in a Safe environment in order to Exceed expectations and meet challenges with Success:

  • I transition appropriately between classes and activities. 
  • I am committed to learning and meet period expectations. 
  • My physical behavior is safe and respectful to others. 
  • My verbal and nonverbal communication is respectful. 
  • I use classroom materials, devices, and tools as directed. 


School Schedule

                                Homeroom 7:00-7:15
  Period 1 7:15-8:30
  Flex Period

Period 2 9:00-10:15
  Period 3/Lunch 10:15-12:00
  Period 4 12:00-1:20
  Homeroom/Dismissal 1:20-1:30


Registration Information

Please download, save, and fill out the registration forms after viewing the appropriate program book (below) and return via email to [email protected].

High School Program book for 2022-2023

Digital Device Policy



We understand that cell phones have a great utility both in and out of schools; however, cell phone use has increasingly become a source of distraction. To respect the important work of the classroom and learning environment, all students must Yondr their phone for the duration of the school day.  

Yondr Process for Students on a Normal, Full-day Schedule 

During AM Homeroom:  

  • Students will turn off their phones (or put in airplane mode) and lock them in their assigned Yondr. Staff will check that the case is locked. 
  • Late students: Late students will be given a temporary case to use when they sign in at the office. Phones will remain locked in the front office for the day and will be returned during dismissal.  

During the school day:  

  • Students will keep their Yondr with them.  
  • If there is a family emergency that might require someone at home getting in touch with the student while classes are in progress, the student or parent should alert the counselor to access phone if believed necessary.  

During PM Homeroom:  

  • Students will tap their Yondr on an unlocking station, retrieve their phone and store the Yondr for the next day. 
  • In the case of early dismissal, students will unlock their Yondr in the main office.

Parents and Guardians are always able to call the main school line if a student must be reached, and students may utilize the school phones to reach parents and guardians for urgent matters.