Virtues Project

Unity SwayKindness Sway

The Gift of Character

List of Virtues

Assertiveness  Caring Cleanliness Commitment
Compassion Confidence Consideration Cooperation
Courage Courtesy Creativity Detachment
Determination Diligence Enthusiasm Excellence
Flexibility Forgiveness Friendliness Generosity
Gentleness Helpfulness Honesty Honor
Humility Idealism Integrity Joyfulness
Justice Kindness Love Loyalty
Moderation Modesty Orderliness Patience
Peacefulness Perseverance Purposefulness Reliability 
Respect  Responsibility  Self-discipline Service 
Tact Thankfulness Tolerance Trust
Trustworthiness Truthfulness Understanding Unity


The Virtues Project 

The Rosedale Center utilizes a character development program to establish a positive school environment and culture for learning. The Virtues Project is our guide as we explore these characteristics. Virtues are the innate characteristics that all humans possess. They are different than values or morals which are based on individual ideals.
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